They who must not be named (Monsanto)


If Monsanto has it's way this won't be possible...EVER!

If Monsanto has its way this won’t be possible…EVER!

FOOD…Buy local, Be green, Support a nearby farm, join a co-op, Grow your own…Kill the earth???

Whats in your fridge? Like all normal well-adjusted folks probably the usual stuff…Eggs, milk, meat and produce (Baking soda? Gotta keep it fresh) Oh, wait a second…If you bought your stash at a big box store no need for the baking soda your stuff will just stay fresh!! GMO soy, wheat, synthetic fillers from far and wide and probably closer than you think will keep your FOOD? fresher longer, bigger and better (sounds like a porn) and give you plenty to throw away…Can you say fill the landfill!!!!

Last week Monsanto was given free rein to CONTINUE doing what they do best…Diving head first into food oblivion, planting god knows what in what were once fertile fields farmed by family’s who knew the land, cared for and managed crop size and rotation year after year. You can’t farm what will feed a nation when your forced thru farm and home debt to plant soy, corn and hybrid super wheats that increase crop yield, destroys soil quality, increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, celiac dis…I could go on!!

My point is if we don’t grow our own food, slaughter our own meat and manage the process from start to finish we DO NOT know whats in our food or body’s!!

WHEAT…We all like thin crust, fluffy white bread and sometimes when the media shoves it in our faces we’ll go for the very in at the moment 100% WHOLE WHEAT!! Very healthy? How do you think those large industrial bakeries produce so much in so little time?? Do they use wheat that was grown with care? Good manufacturing practices? Mix by hand???? Read the ingredient list…WHEAT GLUTEN!!

You don’t and won’t get fluffy store-bought bread any other way than adding Wheat Gluten to the bowl and mixing to full development and going straight to pan then oven. Wheat Gluten forms when two proteins form (glutenin/gliadin) which contributes viscosity and extensibility to the mix. This is what happens when you use Flour, water, salt and yeast to make bread and your make 2-200# of dough. If you like rustic you keep it simple. If you like fluffy perfect looking bread all the time you decide to throw some Wheat Gluten in the mix.

Wheat gluten when dried and milled to a powder (usually synthetic) acts as an improver…Which improves the doughs ability to rise and increases the breads structural stability and chewiness…Did I say flavor?? Your store-bought loaf bread is full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, food coloring…Etc.

100% Whole Wheat…Artisan bakers strive for an open interior and complex fermented flavor when making whole grain breads and hit the mark most of the time. By using organically and sustainably grown wheat, natural levain and common sense artisan bakers make a product that is healthy, safe and nutritionally sound for body and soul and if enough hydration is used to fully hydrate the whole grain easy for the body to digest.

Store bought 100% Whole Wheat…Is made using Wheat Gluten. The wheat large shops use is grown to produce a higher crop yield, more protein than you’ll ever need to make bread and is probably synthetic in some form. NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY!!

Go to your local baker, butcher, farmer and ask questions!! Take the time to get to know these people and their methods, pay the higher price and taste the difference. By making an informed, local and logical choice you will be sending a clear message to your appointed government to NOT allow Monsanto to plant seeds of death where ever and when ever they want.

Be a part of your local small farm!

Be a part of your local small farm!

Delivery day…

WTF!! Does this look like and oven you'd want delivered to you??

WTF!! Does this look like and oven you’d want delivered to you??

There are good salesmen and not so good salesmen.

Sales man #1…Gets back to you ASAP. He is clear about the sale of the oven and the photo matches the description. Your oven arrives in a few pieces on pallets wrapped to protect your investment. Salesman #1 is at your door step to make sure you are happy and content and ready to bake.

Your oven...Intact!!

Your oven…Intact!!

Salesman #2…At first seems like he’s going to be like salesman #1 but then he starts acting kinda funny…Like not calling back or understanding how eBay and PayPal work or how a trucking company operates and seems to have 3-4 employees that talk and spell the same way he does!! Crazy stuff indeed…This salesman only wants money and thinks that throwing your oven in the back of a semi is the best way of shipping a $15,000 dollar baking behemoth!!  Not so says the baker. If you’re in the market for an oven to start a small bakery and the deal seems to good to be true and the salesman(#2) starts to act like a con artist…Go with your gut.

Be wary...

Be wary…

Before you buy check out who you’re buying from!!

People (Denver) get ready…

Gonna be a bakery and so much more!!

Gonna be a bakery and so much more!!

Great bread is right around the corner and sooner than you think!! Pain au levain, Campagna, Whole Wheat, Whole rye and so much more…Did I mention Country baguette??!!

Country baguettes ready to be torn apart!!

Country baguette ready to be torn apart!!

To say Babette’s will be an artisan bread lab is an understatement…Think BreadCentric!!  Artisan loaves, Brioche, Croissants and Danish…All in the French tradition and all organic!!



French badass baker overdressed for the gig!! Dig the mixer!!

French badass baker overdressed for the gig!! Dig the mixer!!

Anyway…Ground is broken, there’s a line forming and the baker is chomping at the bit to be in a new home and baking for a crowed!!

The little mixer…


Looks like an unassuming little guy…right?!

This little mixer was sitting in a warehouse waiting for a home, gathering dust and feeling pretty low indeed. I came along and tried the “adopt a mixer” option and after much back and forth, animosity, bold words and downright warlike communication this poor little mixer will not be at Babettes nor will it see the light of day to mix beautiful artisan bread and live the life it was meant for!!

These baguettes on the other hand and so much more WILL be at Babettes… tucked snugly in “The Source” located in beautiful Denver Colorado!!Image

So for now we are mixerless but not talentless!!

Hamburger night.

After a bit of testing and retesting of brioche formulas I’m pretty sure I’ve created the perfect brioche!! Perfect Huh?? Well, some of the first questions that come up are taste, smell, texture…On and on!!

Flavor is pretty vital to the success of any bread and brioche is no exception. Balancing the formula so you don’t end up with to eggy or sweet or greasy from too much butter…Never really a bad thing?!! You can make a decent same day brioche using some type of pre-ferment such as a Poolish or Levain and wind up with a great tasting loaf or bun but put that in the cooler overnight and look out!! Acid build up will over power the subtle flavors of butter, egg and sweet this product should have. To me, Brioche needs an overnight ferment in the cooler to do a couple of things. One being build strength. Mixing a traditional brioche you will mix speed 1 to incorporate and then speed 2 for an excessive amount of time to build strength in your dough before adding your butter. Intensive mixing sounds great on the outside but when you think about what a dough goes thru during 15-20 min of speed 2 and you’ll end up with a headache…Thats what you dough feels like!!

Most American flours can handle slow mixing. By slow mixing I mean speed 1 with an autolyse. Yes, I know with the eggs, milk and sugar in your brioche dough there’s a lot going against the building of strength and tolerance within the dough…Osmotolerent yeast. This yeast is specific for enriched doughs. It is formulated to rise doughs heavy in sugar, eggs and butter. With this yeast you can cut your mixing in Half incorporate an autolyse and not cave in to speed 2 mayhem!! With less mixing you’ll need to have a bulk fermentation of at least 1.5 hours with 2 turns of the dough to build strength as well as give new life to cold yeast as the dough is not going to heat up during mixing, then into the cooler for 12-16 hours, where the brioche will continue to ferment and build flavor on top of strength so that when you pull from the cooler your dough will be stiff, sweet and very rich in flavor!!

This adventure was prompted by a pic of a burger from Holeman and Finch that looked truly brilliant!! Here are some pics of my own burger passion!!

Holeman and Finch ripoff burger night!!

Holeman and Finch ripoff burger night!!

Destined to create burger lust world wide!!

Destined to create burger lust world wide!!

you can use the above formula map with any brioche formula that does not have any pre-ferments of any kind!!

In search of perfection

Walking in to the baking room, rolling the proofing loaves from the cooler and pulling the canvas from the rack to reveal your work from the day before. The first sense is smell…Fermentation, wheat and a creaminess of the baked loaf to come. As you knock the loaf from its basket the skin is floured, dry to the touch and it sinks a bit onto the loader…Slashing, the dough gives resistance, a foretelling of the brutal upturned cuts to come! Filling the oven with steam, pushing the loader into the oven and dropping the loaves onto the deck and steaming for the last time…Feels like giving an offering to the blasting interior of the oven gods and hoping like hell that all the pain and suffering, over thinking (did the last turn give enough strength) worrying if the cooler temp went through the roof and over proofed the fermenting perfection…Was worth it.

As the loaves bake, they rise to the occasion. Ripping and tearing, pushing fermentation to the brink of its long sweet life until each loaf takes on color. If the work has been done properly, with care and concern for fermentation the loaves will begin to take on a reddish color! Golden brown is not the color of good bread! Red, deep red is the color of properly fermented flour. Red shows the skill of the baker, the care that he or she took in bringing the four to life in the form of a wonderfully fermented bread. Red, creamy, sweet and wheat…You hope this is what comes from the oven!

Pulling the baked loaves you see first the color. Reddish with deep browns and mahogany, the loaf feels light for its size and you smell the sweetness through the heat. No matter how hot, you hold the loaf. Almost expecting it to thank you for caring about its life, caring about the wheat and the farmer who grew it and the miller who milled the grain to perfection, for you.

As you place the loaf on the cooling rack, although tired, hot and with many hours ahead of you. You feel a renewed sense of energy and motivation flow through you, striving for perfection you turn your back on the rack and to the pursuit of another perfect day.

Cooling loaves.

Cooling loaves.